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Pink truck rolls into Edmonton auction with purpose

Pink truck rolls into Edmonton auction with purpose

A pink gravel truck is the kind of head-turning vehicle that gets attention on the road. And that was exactly the point for Pete Vogiatzakis.

The owner of North Main Trucking wanted to raise awareness for cancer, so he painted a 2014 Western Star 4700SF truck tractor and 25-foot trailer like a giant pink ribbon on 10 wheels. This wasn’t done on a whim; Pete was fulfilling an unlikely promise to an employee.

“One of our drivers, who had cancer, was going through treatment and we told him, ‘when you get back, we’ll get you a pink truck,’” recalls Pete. “We were busting his chops because he’s a tough guy. We told him we would send him to jobs with a pink truck.”

Pete wasn’t kidding and what might have started as a gag turned into a bigger purpose.

Think pink for cancer awareness

The truck’s popularity went into another gear and suddenly local organizations in Winnipeg were requesting to have it parked at their charitable events. Pete painted “Fight Against Breast Cancer” on the hood and promised to donate $1 to the Canadian Cancer Society for every working hour the truck is on the road.

“A lot of people called us up, wanting to use the truck for fundraisers for cancer,” he said. “It’s well known in the city. Everyone knows it belongs to me. It’s been a nice addition to our family.”

Edmonton auction and one last drive

The pink Western Star truck and color-matched Midland trailer will both be auctioned at our big April Edmonton sale on April 24-28. Pete says it will be tough to say goodbye to the truck, but perhaps even tougher for the driver, Dwayne, who inspired the whole endeavor.

Dwayne, who is now cancer-free, requested to drive the truck from Winnipeg to the auction site in Edmonton as a symbolic way to say his goodbyes.

“He said the drive brought a tear to his eye. He was the first guy to drive it and the last.”

Pink gravel truck ready to sell in Ritchie Bros. Edmonton auction

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