Ewert Brothers prepare to sell classic automobile collection

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Rare Ford Model T antique car collection selling in Saskatchewan, Aug 19.

Ford Model T antique car collection selling in Saskatchewan, Aug 19.

Selling their prized collection of antique cars comes with mixed emotions for brother Jim and Bill Ewert. The semi-retired farmers from Drake, SK have poured their heart and soul into the 20+ vintage automobile collection, which includes an impressive lineup of Ford Model Ts, a 1918 McLaughlin, and Model A Roadster, for over 60 years. Now, they are putting their trust in Ritchie Bros. to sell the coveted cars in what surely will be a bittersweet moment on auction day.

"It will all be gone in a day," said Jim over the phone from his business in Drake. "It's going to be like cutting your hand off. We’ve done this for 60 years; our families have been a vital part of it, but eventually the day had to come.”

Antique Model T automobiles selling in Saskatchewan through Ritchie Bros.

Antique and vintage cars: a lifelong passion

Jim, who is 76 and two years older than his brother Bill, bought his first Ford Model T when he was 15, sparking a lifelong passion that ballooned to one of the foremost Model T collections in Western Canada. The collection, along with a wide selection of rare Model T parts, will sell on the Ewert's farm Saturday, August 19.

"When we were boys the Model T fascinated us and we never quite outgrew it," said Jim. "It goes from a hobby to maybe an obsession or incurable disease. These antique cars are so much fun to drive; if you want to get looks, just take your Model T for a drive."

Vintage cars selling in auction in Drake, Saskatchewan

Trusting in Ritchie Bros. for selling antique cars

With the Ewerts getting on in years, and with no predecessor to look after and maintain the collection, the time felt right to sell. After having contacted Kramer Auctions, a Ritchie Bros. company since 2016, a Territory Sales Manager visited the Ewerts to assess their inventory.

"I think they have been amazed at what we have," said Jim. "The restored cars were beyond what they were used to."

Jim said Ritchie Bros. was the best choice because of the global reach and power of its marketing efforts. While the prospective buyers for rare Model Ts and Chevies from the 20s might be somewhat limited in Saskatchewan, a Ritchie Bros. unreserved public auction opens up the buyer base globally.

"It's about as good a collection as we are going to see in Saskatchewan (or anywhere) for some time."

Classic automobile collection being sold by auction by Ritchie Bros.

To view the complete automobile collection of Jim and Bill Ewert, visit the auction details page and register to bid online or onsite for the Drake, SK auction on Aug 19.

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