Industry News Roundup: AEM’s 10 trends that will shape the construction industry

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New trends in the construction will shape the industry’s future

New AEM report offers glimpse into construction industry’s future

The Association of Equipment Managers is offering a vision of the future for the construction industry. The member organization, who serves the interest of advancing construction and agriculture equipment manufacturers, released a whitepaper that outlines 10 trends changing the way construction companies operate in North America. You can access the full report here.

“We brought our construction-based members together to take a look at the coming decade and identify the trends that are changing the industry and impacting construction business owners,” said AEM President Megan Tanel in a statement. She says the construction industry coming to a “critical juncture,” and the report can help shape the industry’s future by outlining how to utilize technology and innovation.

Here’s is a quick summary of the 10 trends outlined in the report. Access the full report from the AEM website.

1. Increased regulation of carbon-based fuels spurs adoption of alternative power solutions

With power solutions reducing carbon emissions of the next decade, construction companies will see their fleets transform while building out new infrastructure.

2. Renewable energy production booms

Construction companies will take steps to lower their own GHG emissions, and build the vital infrastructure necessary to help renewable energies claim a significantly larger share of total energy consumption.

3. Compact equipment trends electric

Construction companies will look to electrification to meet regulatory and social pressures, as well as reduce operating costs. The compact construction equipment market will see more acute electrification over the next decade.

4. Connectivity leads to jobsite transformation

As part of the transformation of our industry section, the reports says construction jobsites will become better connected. Because of this decision making and efficiency will improve using real-time data.

5. Pathway toward autonomous machinery

Construction companies will embrace automation because it will enable them to meet and overcome challenges with safety, labor, efficiency and productivity in the next decade.

6. Sensors improve efficiency and safety

Wearable devices with sensors, such as watches and helmets, will improve efficiency and safety on construction jobsites.

7. Fewer workers, different skillsets

Construction companies will be taking shovels out of workers’ hands and replacing it with a joystick, according to one construction company owner cited in the report. Technology will allow for increased productivity on jobsites with fewer available workers.

8. Business models shift toward subscriptions

As equipment technology speeds up, construction companies will shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure, meaning they won’t employ the traditional model of buying and maintaining fleets.

9. Construction data will reveal its value

An abundance of construction-related data will be used by companies increasingly for decision making. The monetization of this data within the industry is also expected.

10. Cybersecurity becomes central to corporate strategy

The increased connectivity on construction jobsites will present cybersecurity challenges and companies will need to focus on protected themselves against potential risks.

Visit the AEM website to access the entire detailed report .

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