Transportation News Roundup

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Transportation News Roundup

A Roundup of News from the Transportation Sector.

As one of the largest sellers of used heavy equipment, Ritchie Bros. has its finger on the pulse of multiple equipment industries – construction, transportation, and agriculture, just to name a few. Here’s a roundup of recent news from the transportation sector.

Class 8 production slows despite sales uptick

Transport Topics is reporting a big uptick in sales for Class 8 trucks in the United States. Sales jumped 52% to reach over 19,000 compared to a year prior. However, the result comes with some bad news, says experts. Slowing production is not keeping up with high demand.

Progress on autonomous trucks still an open road

Transport Topics does a deep dive on autonomous truck developers who are paving the way for automated driving, meaning the vehicle would be capable of driving autonomously without human input or backup, at least under certain conditions.

Could a fuel shortage be in store for trucking this summer?

Fuel shortages have been in the news recently with the Colonial Pipeline shutdown. Truck News takes a look at fuel shortages from a different angle: whether the industry faces a labour shortage due to a lack of fuel haulers available, and how that could affect consumers.

Canadian government delays new GHG rules for trucking

The Canadian government is delaying the rollout of emission rules that would affect the trucking industry, according to Truck News. This is the second delay which were supposed to take affect in January 2020. The new standards apply to trailers, introducing changes such as aerodynamic upgrades, low-rolling-resistance tires, tire inflation systems, and lightweighting.

Truckers hit the road for children in need

Several trucking organizations have joined together to deliver food for children in need this summer. About two dozen fleets working for the Canadian Trucking Alliance’s Blue Ribbon Task Force are handling shipments for a program organized by Food Banks Canada that addresses immediate hunger needs but also builds nutritional literacy skills.

Trucks for change take part in handing out food for those in need

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1 comment

madvagabond on junio 17, 2021 said
I am more interested in the "Promise to eliminate all fossil based fuels by 2025", leaving only bio. Not enough bio plants to provide for the trucking industry because of home heating fuel. A plant i pass every so often boasts of producing 12 billion gal's over a 10 yr period, that's nothing for an everyday refinery. Leaving the necessity of building (IMO) about 80 plants, possibly more with no competition. Creating the situation to justify charging what ever they want. Imagine 20-30$/gal for this creation of an infrastructure. Imagining using 3.6 mil new acreages for the growing the bio-matter, while depleting our food base, in the name of renewable fuel.
This is just with bio-diesel, NVM ethanol.