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Equipment spotlight: excavators

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Excavators, or diggers as they are sometimes called, are most commonly used for digging rocks and soil. But with the wide variety of attachments available, excavators can also be used for cutting, crushing, drilling, and much more. ...

World's top 4 largest mining machines

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When it comes to heavy equipment, the goliaths used in mining dwarf even some of the biggest machines seen on the average construction site. Here's a look at four of the biggest earthmoving machines and what they're used for: Rock Trucks:...

Equipment Spotlight: Caterpillar D11

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First introduced in 1986, the Caterpillar D11N was the first crawler tractor in the D11 series that improved upon many of the features of the Caterpillar D10 crawler tractor, but on a larger scale. Its overall 34.9-foot length (with...

Equipment Spotlight: Wheel Loaders

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Wheel loaders are one of the most common types of heavy equipment used on construction sites today. The versatile machines have a huge number of applications including material handling, digging, load-and-carry, and site preparation. But...

Equipment Spotlight: Crawler Tractors

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The origin of crawler tractors, defined by their use of tracks instead of wheels, reaches as far back as 1713 when Frenchman M. D’Hermand created a goat-pulled crawler-tread trailer. A number of designs and prototypes followed that...
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